Celebrating the Love of Your Life

Love comes in all forms, as do the ceremonies that celebrate it.

The experience of affirming the deepest connections we share is a time for joy, but can also bring uncertainty and even anxiety. The commitment to every couple is to provide the rabbinic guidance you seek specific to your needs in a caring, mindful, and insightful manner.

Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services is especially privileged to serve as the rabbinic consultant for Wedding411OnDemand. Find them on the web at www.Wedding411OnDemand.com. Click to see our wedding gallery there! If you are Baltimore-based or planning a Baltimore wedding, you definitely should visit their website for helpful information, advice, and connections to other local wedding-industry professionals.

Mazal Tov! It’s your Wedding Day!

Mazal tov! It is a delight to be a vital part of your Jewish wedding!

Among the greatest rabbinic joys are the wedding experiences shared with diverse couples, from couples in their twenties to their eighties and all points in between. From ceremonies held lakeside backyards and at distant destinations, in celebrations from laid-back to lavishly elegant, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services understands every couple is unique and so is every ceremony. It is gratifying to hear regularly that the ceremony was more than beautiful; it was the talk of the reception!

Renewal of Relationship

The desire to renew the commitment of a relationship is not restricted to milestone anniversaries.

Sometimes a couple has successfully repaired a failing relationship. Sometimes a couple wants to celebrate the survival of a spouse from a grave illness or accident. The reasons for renewing the commitment of a relationship are as varied as the couples who seek them. Carving a specific spiritual response to each couple’s specific spiritual situation is part of what makes this service far more than a typical “renewal of vows.”

Special Anniversary Celebrations

Mazal tov! The arrival of special anniversaries certainly deserves notice and celebration!

While celebratory parties are lovely affairs, adding a mindful spiritual response makes it an even more special and memorable occasion. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services assists your own efforts in adding the layer of holiness to your celebration in a number of different ways, depending on your particular preferences.

We would choose Rabbi Greenspoon to marry us again, we truly believe no one could have performed a better ceremony. The Rabbi gave us tools during our premarital counseling that have both enhanced our ceremony, and our Judaism moving forward as a couple. They are tools we continue to use and have become a part of our daily lives. We greatly appreciate the emphasis on growth in our faith in order to enhance our marriage. When we walk into our home the first thing we see is our Ketubah with the Rabbi’s signature, it is a reminder of how he continues to be a part of our lives regardless of where we may call home.

— Daniel and Charlie Lippe, Oahu, HI

Dear Rabbi Greenspoon,
I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did working with Stephanie, Dan, and our extended families. Their wedding ceremony was a wonderful mixture of genuine warmth, connection, celebration, and poignancy. The time you spent with us far exceeded anything we expected from a rabbi we had just recently met. Your compassionate listening, informed guidance, and flexible approach helped craft a beautiful wedding. Everyone there expressed how authentic to Stephani and Dan it was, and how respectful to the wide range of religious identities reflected in our families. I am delighted to add you to our clergy providers here at Wedding411On Demand, and happy to refer you to wedding parties who might be interested in your services.

With my family’s deepest appreciation for a wonderful wedding.

— Jay Buck, Father of Stephanie the Bride, Founder, Wedding 411 On Demand, MD

David and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our rabbi and officiating at our wedding. We feel you went above and beyond our expectations with your knowledge and suggestions to make our wedding ceremony as personalized as we wanted it. On top of that your own personal touches made our ceremony perfect.

— Leah and David Ipson, Richmond, VA