Online Conversion Program
with Darshan Yeshiva and PunkTorah

*New Service*

Online Conversion Program

Rabbi Greenspoon is joining the faculty of PunkTorah’s Darshan Yeshiva to mentor online students undergoing the process of becoming Jewish. The program is ten months of preparation with the curriculum and online meetings with Rabbi Greenspoon, and requires a commitment of one hour a month for mentor meetings.

The program is completely administered by the Darshan Yeshivah. The fees are all-inclusive, and no extra expenses for an eventual bet din (rabbinic court) and mikveh (immersion) are required. The prepared curriculum is supplemented by podcasts on converting to Judaism by Darshan Yeshiva’s Executive Director (and also a Jew-By-Choice), Rabbi Patrick Beaulier, and a curated list of Best of the Web videos, lectures and websites from other organizations for a broad understanding of Judaism. Learn more by visiting

Open Torah!
Jewtique’s Approach to Personalized Jewish Learning

Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services is pioneering the OpenTorah! approach to Jewish learning.

OpenTorah! appreciates that we live with the greatest access to Jewish education in history. Entire libraries of sacred texts are now digitized and available on the web and in apps for our devices. Classic works in Jewish studies are a click away. But Jewish learning goes so far beyond books. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services offers you the chance to learn the topics of your choice, using the approaches best suited for your learning style. Film, DVD courses, virtual online tours, podcasts and other multimedia tools are available that supplement or even replace traditional book-based curriculum. Video conferencing open up world-wide options for engaging in real-time distance learning. Whatever your learning interest, and whatever your learning style, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services becomes your personal Concierge Jewish Learning Service!

Adult Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

Any Time Can Be the Right Time.

Never had one? Let’s make it happen. Had one but it held no meaning for you then? Time for a do-over. Hitting 83 (70+13) and like the tradition of a second bar mitzvah? Mazal tov! Whatever your personal motivation, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services is delighted to help you craft and celebrate this important statement of values.

One-on-One / Small Group Study

Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services meets you where you’re at for classes.

One-on-one at your office, a group in a virtual conference, we can explore the topics you want to know about. Life cycles and rituals, holy days, history, sacred texts, Jewish thought, the arts, Israel, spirituality: it’s all on the table for you.

Personal / Family Jewish Learning Consultation

Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services can help the DIY inclined with a personalized learning self-directed learning program.

An initial intake is evaluated, and your proposed Personal Jewish Learning Profile is returned. This service can also be utilized for families looking to provide focused supplemental Jewish education at home.

Guest Rabbinic Scholar

Rabbi David Greenspoon is a passionate, engaging, and exciting Jewish educator.

Rabbi Greenspoon loves bringing the sweeping story of Jewish history to life. He invites students to enter an inspiring world of ideas, dreams and real people presented in the context of the events and realities of their time and place. Equally at home with thematic or content-driven approaches when teaching from the library of Judaism’s classic sacred and secular texts, he has created and taught courses in Jewish ethics and theology, and offers specialty expertise in bio-medical and military ethics from Jewish perspectives. Rabbi Greenspoon is a leader in Interfaith Education and Programming, and has led efforts to create novel interfaith study programs in communities across the United States.

His innovative approach to reaching students extends back to the earliest days of the public internet. He led the AOL weekly Torah Chat, the first known internet-based interactive Jewish learning, early in 1993. He pioneered the country’s first tuition-free Jewish congregational religious school in 1996. That same year he introduced Grandparenting in the Age of Intermarriage, the first program of its type ever for Jewish grandparents. He has written curriculum on LGBTQ+ issues for High School students, and syllabi for college level classes. Rabbi Greenspoon’s adult education and informal youth education programming are nationally recognized and award winning.

His writings have been published widely including appearances in the Jewish Bible Quarterly, Navy Chaplain Magazine, The Baltimore Jewish Times, The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs The Unraveller, and on his blog for The Times of Israel. Rabbi Greenspoon’s personal blog is Views from Outside the Box, and examples of his creative liturgy can be found online at

Classes, Destination Travel, Retreats, and Special Events

Rabbi Greenspoon welcomes the opportunity to visit your organization, congregation, business, or community.

He is equally at home teaching in Jewish, Christian, interfaith, secular, and academic settings. Ongoing thematic classes, retreats, and special event occasions are designed and delivered with your needs and goals in mind every step of the way. Rabbi Greenspoon especially loves teaching in context on locations connected to the subject matter, and is happy to work with you to maximize your Education Destination travel with preparation and summation sessions.

Sample Topics and Titles

Rabbi Greenspoon’s depth as a multidisciplinary teacher and scholar includes Hebrew Bible, History, Liturgy, Rabbinic Literature, Theology, and more.

Abortion: The Voice of Judaism in the American Debate

Afterlife: A survey of Jewish thought from the Bible to today

Ancient Rabbinic Guided Tours of Heaven and Hell

Bible Stories for Adults: Tales we don’t teach our kids

Great Jewish Debates that Never Happened

Hanukkah’s Hidden History

Hidden Stories in Illuminated Manuscripts

Jerusalem in Legend, Lore, and Literature

Jewish Angels and Demons Across Times and Cultures

Jonah: A Big Fish Story, Not A Whale of a Tale (A Tour Through The Illuminated History of Jonah)

Jubilees—The Bible that Wasn’t and A Comparison of Famous Genesis Stories

Judaisms in the Time of Jesus: Diverse, Not Divergent

Leadership Lessons from the Book of Samuel

Michal & David: A Story of Passion Transformed

Military Ethics in the Song at the Sea

Mothers, Daughters, Wives, & Witches: Stories of Women in Early Prophets

New Jewish Boundaries: “Jew” vs. “Jew-ish”

Passover in the Time of Jesus

Physician Assisted Suicide: A New Look at the Talmudic Narratives

Planning Your Family’s Passover Seder

Psalms and the Spiritual Life

What’s a Nice God Like You Doing in a Text Like This? When the Bible Makes Us Uncomfortable

Wild Tales of The Rabbis: Midrash, Fantasy and Religious Imagination

Zohar Readings: Ethical and Mystical Tales

David Greenspoon was my Rabbi during my conversion and at a very difficult time in our life – through the loss of our sister. David was extremely supportive and always there with the right message and words of support. He took his work seriously and was patient with me during my conversion experience. He was also joyous and fun and conveyed this in his work as a Rabbi. He brought a much-needed energy, love and understanding to the position that was infectious. He was a wonderful Rabbi to our family and I would highly recommend him.

— Kara Thornton, Dalton, MA

I want to thank you for all your guidance and spiritual support while I was “Joining the Tribe”. Going into it I didn’t know what to expect. I thought maybe it was going to be study a lot then I would pass or fail. you made me see that it was more of a spiritual journey that spilled into everyday life. Between your guidance and my self-study, the class and the class field trip, I have a deeper, more meaningful understanding of Judaism. My love of Judaism was stronger in the end. Thank you for all that you have done.

— Leah Ipson, Richmond, VA

Five stars is just not enough for Rabbi Greenspoon. I have spent the last few years working with Rabbi Greenspoon on my Conversion to Judaism. When I first met him, I knew that he was knowledgeable, but I had no idea how truly wonderful of a human being he is.

With Rabbi Greenspoon you won’t just get the facts and everyday prayers, you will get his heart and soul. His compassion for all is what really sets him apart from everyone else.

— Wendy Sutton, Round Hill, VA

Rabbi Greenspoon has been an extraordinary guide through the process of my conversion. It has been a privilege to work with him, over the course of several years and during a difficult period of transformation in my life, on my Jewish studies and spiritual development. In addition to regular Torah study, I’ve taken several adult ed courses he’s taught, ranging from general introduction (still quite detailed, enough to teach you how much more there is to learn, and make you want to learn it) to a variety of more specific and in-depth subjects. His recommendations for reading have always been great, and he was always available to answer questions or address my worries. He has been accommodating and supportive regarding my anxiety and my learning disabilities at every turn. As a queer trans person, I have always felt accepted and affirmed. His commitment to LGBT inclusion is clear. He organized a trans affirming Beit Din for me (during the pandemic!), which was socially distanced, and warm and welcoming. Rabbi Greenspoon always brings real joy to ritual, and as a teacher he brings a well of knowledge both deep and wide. He has an obvious passion for life-long learning, and is always open to weird questions. I’m grateful to continue studying Torah with him, and I’m always inspired by his unique insights. Everything I learn makes me want to learn more! I could not have asked for a better mentor in building the foundation for my Jewish life.

— Ian Boniface, Purcillville, VA

Since he was my father’s rabbi decades ago, Rabbi Greenspoon has been my guide to understanding and embracing myself within Judaism. Raised by a Catholic mom, upon entering college I took up Jewish Studies and have coined the term “Cashew” or Cat-Jew to define myself. Greenspoon always spoke to me as a friend and someone who can deeply relate to the meaningful or meaningless experiences in life while relating them to Jewish teachings. His personal approach is humbling and continuously enlightening. That relationship as well as my own inner calling inspired my Mikvah devotion. It was a soulful full circle moment to have him affirm what has always been there inside me. He is an outstanding, extraordinary person who possess the patience and wisdom to truly listen and get to the core of how to cope. Whether it through prayer, meditation or daily practices his approach is not rigid, it’s self nurturing and self affirming.

— Sarah Lolley, York, PA

David is a hands-on Rabbi and Educator who works well with all age groups. He is particularly sensitive to the needs and concerns of children and young people and finds creative ways to engage them… and as a teacher, he attracts students at every level. David brings all of the qualities of Jewish leadership to his position: intellect, spirit, and good deeds.

— Bonnie Lipton, Past National President of Hadassah, Chicago, IL

David is a wonderful teacher. He is an intelligent and creative planner, an idea person, who follows through to insure the success of his inspirations. He is warm and accessible and cares about people. In sum, David is a person you want to have on your side.

— Judy Meltzer, Past Director of Adult Learning at Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore, MD