Why Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services?

Most American Jews today are not members of a congregation nor enjoy an ongoing pastoral relationship with a rabbi. In short, Jewish life-cycle services are now driven by the most open marketplace in Jewish history. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services offers high-quality rabbinic services to people who embrace this personalized approach to Jewish life.

What Does Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services Offer?

Every stage of life has its unique and discrete set of needs. Traveling through the cycle of life from birth through adolescence, adulthood, and senior years presents opportunities for celebration as well as challenges to be overcome. If there is something you are looking for that you do not see, please feel free to be in touch and ask me how Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services can be helpful for you!

Where Does Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services Go?

Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services is based in the National Capital area, ready to serve the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. In your backyard or at the beach, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains, or at your special destination; truly just about anywhere in the world, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services meets you where you are…physically as well as philosophically.

Shalom from Rabbi David Greenspoon,
Founder and President of Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services

Welcome to this website! If you’re here, you’re looking for a personable, professional, and non-judgmental rabbi. It is my privilege to help guide you through the celebration or commemoration of an important life event, and to provide you with rabbinic guidance and services. Let’s travel through the life-cycle, celebrating its joys, and commemorating its more somber moments with ceremonies that are meaningful, personal, and enriched by a sensitive application of Judaism’s wisdom. You will be presented opportunities, not obligations, as we create a beautiful ceremony designed to meet your specific needs.

The greatest blessing in the rabbinate is the invitation into people’s lives in times of celebration and sorrow. I direct this awareness into what I call a pastoral “rabbinate of presence”. This phrase is inspired by the phrase “ministry of presence”, the motto of the wonderful shipboard chaplains from my US Navy enlisted service (1981-1985). It was further developed by the Navy during my own service as a Reserve Chaplain (1989-1996). Please let me know if you are an Active-Duty military member, or currently are in either the Active Reserve or Guard. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services considers it an honor to extend special considerations to those who answer our Nation’s call to military service.

Mirroring this pastoral commitment is my role as an educator across the entire spectrum of learners. It is a joy to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds, whether it is preparation for a b* mitzvah, joining the Jewish people as an adult, or just the joy of Jewish learning for its own sake. You can learn more about my story as an innovative educator, blogger, and gain a sense of my range by visiting the “Open Torah” section.

The majority of my career has been based in the Washington-Baltimore corridor, with exceptions in Pittsburgh, PA, and Pittsfield, MA. Two years were spent as a professional educator, teaching middle and high school students in an independent Jewish Day School. My commitment to civic engagement and interfaith work has afforded me the privilege of leading various rabbinic and interfaith clergy groups, teaching as a Rabbinic Instructor at a Catholic high school outside of Pittsburgh, serving on the Berkshire Medical Center Patient Care Ethics Committee, and on the initial Loudoun County Public Schools Ad Hoc Committee on Equity.

Beyond my professional interests I enjoy playing mandolin (unplugged or otherwise), hearing live music (especially blues/bluegrass/newgrass/jamgrass and associated music), spending time in natural settings, and dark-roast specialty coffee. A good book exploring history, religion, or politics will always grab my attention. I enjoy vacation destinations such as a good beach, the mountains, an interesting city, spending time in Israel, and discovering the cultures, sights, sounds, and tastes of new places.

One last note: as Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services grows, this website evolves. New services, resources, and information are added on a regular basis. Please be sure to bookmark this link or save it to your favorites, share with friends, and visit often!

Dear Rabbi Greenspoon,
I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did working with Stephanie, Dan, and our extended families. Their wedding ceremony was a wonderful mixture of genuine warmth, connection, celebration, and poignancy. The time you spent with us far exceeded anything we expected from a rabbi we had just recently met. Your compassionate listening, informed guidance, and flexible approach helped craft a beautiful wedding. Everyone there expressed how authentic to Stephani and Dan it was, and how respectful to the wide range of religious identities reflected in our families. I am delighted to add you to our clergy providers here at Wedding411On Demand, and happy to refer you to wedding parties who might be interested in your services.

With my family’s deepest appreciation for a wonderful wedding.

— Jay Buck, Father of Stephanie the Bride, Founder, Wedding 411 On Demand, MD

Rabbi Greenspoon made our son’s Bar Mitzvah a meaningful and transformative experience, not only for our son, but for our entire family as well. Through his kind, individualized, and supportive approach, Rabbi Greenspoon helped Eric write an insightful D’var Torah. He also ensured that Eric was confidently able to read his Torah portions and lead most of the service that Shabbat morning. With Rabbi Greenspoon’s guidance, Eric also drafted a personal prayer to read that day. The prayer was a beautiful reflection of the events and people in Eric’s life which had brought him to that special day, but just as importantly, through his personal prayer, Eric was able to share his hopes and goals for his future with everyone in attendance.

Rabbi Greenspoon didn’t treat Eric’s Bar Mitzvah as if it was the culmination of his Jewish education. Through his mentorship, ongoing communication, and friendship, Rabbi Greenspoon was able to truly connect with my son. Because he took the time to genuinely get to know Eric, Rabbi Greenspoon was successfully able to encourage him to find new opportunities to engage with our community as a Jewish adult.

— Jill Weiss and Robert Schreiber, Leesburg, VA

My husband and I felt so fortunate to have Rabbi Greenspoon officiate the Hebrew baby naming of our daughter, Orli. Newcomers to a neighborhood without as robust of a Jewish community as we were used to from our hometown, we were not formally affiliated with a synagogue at the time. It was so important for us to mark the occasion with a traditional Jewish ceremony, and Rabbi Greenspoon facilitated such a beautiful afternoon for us. With an intimate, eclectic group of family and friends, Rabbi Greenspoon led a highly personalized ceremony that was meaningful, engaging, and accessible for us and our small group of guests. We were so grateful for his warm, light-hearted guidance as we selected music and elements to include that were symbolic for our family, and he led us every step of the way through the enjoyable, stress-free process.

— Rebecca Swislow, Chicago, IL