Coming of Age

B* Mitzvah

B* Mitzvah: Going Beyond the bat and bar!

Jewish coming of age celebrations today are nearly infinite in their expressions. Even the term “bar mitzvah” or “bat mitzvah” can be alienating for any number of reasons. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services appreciates these dynamics when preparing students for B* Mitzvah. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services empowers your family with opportunities to celebrate a Jewish coming of age that is meaningful, beautiful, and an authentic expression of your family and your student’s Jewish values. No matter your style or venue, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services helps you navigate this powerful experience with the insights and perspective that comes from working successfully with hundreds of families.

Navigating the Experience

The Parent’s Perspective

How do parents protect the special spiritual significance of this experience when there are so many decidedly non-spiritual details that need attention?

There are countless event planners to help with the prosaic details. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services helps you navigate the Jewish values-based conversations that are beyond the purview of the event planners. In the course of a few hundred ceremonies, more than one parent has reflected back to me that they wished they had focused less on “the bar” and more on “the mitzvah”. Celebrating the ability of your teenager to set high-aspiring goals, working hard to meet those challenges, and finally standing in front of family and friends with poise and panache can not be understated or undervalued. Your parental modeling during this critical time of your teen’s physical, emotional, and spiritual growth will be with them for the rest of their lives…like it or not! This is your chance to show them what coming-of-age is all about from a Jewish values-based perspective. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services is  here for you so that you maximize this unique opportunity and occasion in your family’s life.

D’var Torah

The Holiest Words

This is different than all the reports your middle school student may have written.

Something profound surrounds the Words of Torah they share in front of the assembled family and friends on The Big Day. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services can help your son or daughter find a personal connection with these ancient words of wisdom to craft an educationally and spiritually appropriate reaction and response to them. Your child will receive a full packet of material focused on the selected Torah reading, the Prophetic reading for the haftarah, or both if you prefer.

Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services will guide your student writing their take on a traditional d’var Torah helping to develop a cogent narrative, proofread the finished product, and practicing its presentation. Students who wish to do so are empowered to consider a non-traditional approach to a d’var Torah. If your student prefers to share Torah in a more creative approach using the performing or fine arts, all the possibilities are open: choreographic and original interpretive dance, a spoken-word original poem or slam, performing an original song or composition, painting, sculpting, ceramics, etc. This is an especially great opportunity for the tech-savvy kids. Digital natives who prefer to write and produce a movie, podcast or animated video, create an app, or otherwise show their skills have a perfect chance to have fun learning and teaching Torah.

Personal Prayers: Going Beyond “The Speech”

Student Edition

Imagine it is your special day as a bat mitzvah or a bar mitzvah.

You’ve been practicing for months. Now at the end of the Torah service, you are next to the Torah scroll, filled with pride. Now, you are filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment as you offer the most important words of thanks in your life. In this most special moment, you have the opportunity to share what is most important to you, in front of the people who are most important to you. Your family, your friends, your classmates, your teachers get a glimpse of the person you really want them to see. In this moment, you have the power to create memories which will last for lifetimes.

Best. Chance. Ever.

Parent Edition

Imagine your child has just completed reading from the Torah.

Soon it will be time to share insights in their Devar Torah. You could give the typical speech, and who would blame you? Perhaps the classic Shehecheyanu blessing marking the arrival of the moment is not enough for you. There are ways to add greater spiritual depth and content to this celebration. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services guides you in writing a personal prayer and/or blessings for your child, so that you create moments which can last for a lifetime.

Shout out to the amazing Rabbi David Greenspoon! He made the whole bar mitzvah process easy, and more importantly, meaningful for our son. Our son went into the bar mitzvah process skeptical and reserved, but finished the day proud of all his hard work and “performance on game day.” Rabbi Greenspoon really helped us tailor the service to our needs and desires. There were truly no rules. The service was absolutely perfect for our family, friends, and congregation. If you are looking for a Rabbi who will listen to you, guide you, and help create a meaningful life event, I highly recommend him!

— Stephanie Cohn, Sykesville, MD