Home and Hearth

Judaism considers the home to be the most essential institution of Jewish life.

Organizations, agencies, congregations, and even residences come and go, but your home lasts a lifetime. Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services is ready to help you make sure that the Jewish content of your home expresses your values, and facilitates your Jewish life–inside and out.

Bedikat HaBayit: Dedicating Your New Home

You want your home to be your sacred space.

It doesn’t matter if you will be in your new apartment for just six months, in your new house to raise your family, or in your new condominium in a 55+ community. A ceremony of Bedikat HaBayit–Dedicating the House–let’s you create that energy. From something basic as hanging your first mezuzah on the front door to a ceremony with readings, music, and blessings offered by friends and family, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services can help ensure that your home is much more than just a domicile.

Creating a Kosher home

There are many reasons why people choose to create a kosher home.

Whether it is for the sake of your own spiritual life, the needs of your larger family, or any other of the countless possible motivations, Jewtique Concierge Rabbinic Services can help at every step of the way. Together through discussion and study we will determine what standard of kosher is appropriate for your needs, determine which items currently in your kitchen can be retained once made kosher and which items you need to replace, and then complete the actual kashering process.

Rabbi Greenspoon is my rabbi of choice for good reason. He was attentive to my needs when hospitalized over a High Holy Days with a serious illness; his pastoral counseling has helped me with difficult life dynamics; he’s been present for my fairly non-religious family in times of celebration and loss that has been inclusive and embracing. It might sound cliché to say he’s a gentleman and a scholar on top of it all, but it couldn’t be truer. If you’re looking for a rabbi, look no further.

— Al Mendelsohn, Reisterstown, MD

Rabbi Greenspoon has been an extraordinary guide through the process of my conversion. It has been a privilege to work with him, over the course of several years and during a difficult period of transformation in my life, on my Jewish studies and spiritual development. In addition to regular Torah study, I’ve taken several adult ed courses he’s taught, ranging from general introduction (still quite detailed, enough to teach you how much more there is to learn, and make you want to learn it) to a variety of more specific and in-depth subjects. His recommendations for reading have always been great, and he was always available to answer questions or address my worries. He has been accommodating and supportive regarding my anxiety and my learning disabilities at every turn. As a queer trans person, I have always felt accepted and affirmed. His commitment to LGBT inclusion is clear. He organized a trans affirming Beit Din for me (during the pandemic!), which was socially distanced, and warm and welcoming. Rabbi Greenspoon always brings real joy to ritual, and as a teacher he brings a well of knowledge both deep and wide. He has an obvious passion for life-long learning, and is always open to weird questions. I’m grateful to continue studying Torah with him, and I’m always inspired by his unique insights. Everything I learn makes me want to learn more! I could not have asked for a better mentor in building the foundation for my Jewish life.

— Ian Boniface, Purcillville, VA

David brings warmth, humor and an unusual level of erudition. And heart. A lot of heart. He is extraordinarily well educated in all the expected Judaic disciplines, but also brings an eclectic, renaissance level of understanding to any encounter. His sensitivity and wisdom, compassion and empathy flow naturally. He is a friend and spiritual advisor.

— Jonathan Kramer, M.D. Pittsfield, MA

David has impressive interpersonal skills one-on-one, and in his counseling style. In addition, David possesses a superior intellect of the highest quality, both Judaically and of knowledge in general. He is a strong speaker, often very funny, and always enlightening. His mastery of factual data to support his teaching, speaking, or writing, is top notch. On a personal level, David is an accessible, fun-loving (especially music!), and expressive person.

— Robin Fleet and Philip Coleman, Lenox, MA